Tight partnership

Whitstable-based Passivlux has specified ISO-Chemie’s advanced window sealing tapes to provide improved levels of acoustic, thermal and energy insulation. The supplier of of high-performance windows and doors is also investing in a new Brighton branch this year, to extend its range of windows and doors to a wider region.

Bloco One foam tapes are among various products supplied to support the installation of windows and doors designed and fitted by Passivlux across all sectors of the commercial and residential construction industry in Kent. Providing long-term protection against wind-blown rain ingress as well as an effective acoustic and thermal seal, ISO Chemie’s sealant tapes have been used on Passivlux projects over the years to comply with stringent sealing and quality requirements for triple-glazed units and bi-fold doors installed in houses, apartments and conversion projects.

The use of smart foams impregnated with different substances to create a measurable U-value as low as 0.6w/m²k offers superior thermal insulation, ISO-Chemie’s representative argues. Smart foams can also contribute to acoustic sound reduction by 63dB. As these installation tapes are completely weather tight against driving rain up to hurricane force wind speeds, installers can quickly apply them around the frame during initial fitting, according to ISO-Chemie. This provides the assurance that installers have completed a comprehensive A-rated installation rather than just supplying an A-rated window.

Bloco One enables specifiers and installers to seal windows from inside the building and avoid the need to use time-consuming and costly scaffolding and ladders, among other external access systems, the business’ representative said. The tapes offer a single-product, fit-and-forget solution for fast and effective sealing based around the European RAL principles of three-level sealing: the inside seal area is more airtight than the external one, allowing any trapped moisture inside the joint or within the wall to escape outwards rather than into the building.

Tom Holmes, Passivlux’s business development manager, said: “ISO-Chemie tapes and sealants are specified to complement the window and doors’ high standards of quality and their energy-saving attributes. We ensure the products we use during our installations meet our stringent in-house testing procedure and offer our clients value for money without sacrificing quality or performance.”

Andy Swift, country director at ISO-Chemie, added: “Passivlux use only the best thermally performing windows. Our tapes and sealants ensure the installation is as good as the frame itself, as well as offering acoustic reduction, air-tightness and weather resistance. By working in partnership, we create a perfect window with a highly efficient installation.”