Wide open

County Durham fabricator and installer, AC Aluminium, has installed a 9m wide anthracite grey aluminium patio door in a home in County Durham using the KLS patio system from Exlabesa Building Systems. Carl Buckingham, of AC Aluminium, said: “The door looks stunning. We’re delighted with the results – and so is the customer.”

According to Carl, large aperture aluminium patio doors, as featured in this property, are a growth market for his company and are overtaking bi-fold doors as the homeowner favourite. “In the UK, patio doors are more often closed than open due to our changing seasons,” he said. “With a sliding patio you can have a much larger glass area than on a bi-fold, so the views are much less interrupted. Demand for large aperture patios has gained momentum in the last couple of years and we are seeing little signs of this trend slowing down.”

AC Aluminium has been manufacturing Exlabesa Building Systems products for three years. Carl said: “We like working with Exlabesa. The products are very easy to manufacture and install and they have common ancillaries too. The product quality is exceptional and gives our markets what they need. This latest installation was a perfect example – the KLS system enabled us to manufacture a 9m wide patio that was able to take the necessary weight.”