Abcell improves online ordering

Abcell, the UK’s largest trade fabricator of WarmCore bi-fold doors, has made it even easier to order bi-fold doors by launching a new online ordering system. The system makes ordering a super quick, they say, enabling installers to design and pay for their doors in a matter of clicks. The system includes a range of features including colours, configurations, additional hardware and glazing options.

“We’ve been fabricating WarmCore for nearly four years now and it’s one of our most popular product ranges, so we’re happy that we can now offer this new, easy-to-use service,” said Neville Gleed, Abcell’s operations director. “Our online ordering system makes the buying process easier and is an effective way for customers to place orders when it’s most convenient to them. The whole process, from design to payment, takes place on the website.

“We have lots of extra features, meaning WarmCore bi-fold doors can be built exactly how you like. It’s mobile-friendly too, which means bi-fold doors can be ordered from anywhere, around the clock, helping save time and make life easier for customers.”

Abcell added WarmCore to their product range in 2017. The online system now provides installers with an error-proof solution to door ordering.

“Ordering can sometimes lead to basic processing errors, which can be costly. This system is a reliable way of securing your doors online, helping eliminate human error,” added Neville. “The site also allows Abcell customers to see how the doors will look before the purchase is completed, to help give added peace of mind.” For more information, visit

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