BIM library on the web

metal techUse of BIM by the design communities within the construction sector is growing significantly, with adoption predicted to rise to 91% within the next three years. In response to this demand for support for BIM implementation, a new BIM library covering a full range of windows, doors and curtain walling is now available to designers and specifiers at

,Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a sophisticated 3D computer model, which represents in detail every element of the building and is designed to be a shared resource during a construction project. The model is used from the feasibility stage through design, to construction, and finally operation. The use of BIM can increase efficiency and reduce errors.

,Virtual designs are built in 3D before work proceeds on site. The attributes of all the elements of the building can be found in the model and with this comes the concept of automatic ‘clash detection’, namely the identification by the model of inconsistencies between different elements of the design before they arise on site.

,Metal Technology BIM product models have been developed using Autodesk Revit to deliver 3D window, door and curtain walling products that can be lifted and positioned within any overall BIM project model. Models can have their height and width adjusted to suit the individual requirements of each project. Mullions and transoms can also be moved within the window and there is the option of switching any fixed light into an opening vent. A full step-by-step installation guide is available as well as comprehensive system parameters and a full NBS specification.


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