New Adminbase home screen offers at-a-glance info

AdminBase, the web-based business management software system from Ab Initio, has made an upgrade to its installer management system. The upgrade becomes obvious the moment the system is activated – a new home screen.

Responding to input from existing users, the developers at AdminBase designed a completely customisable screen that allows crucial information to be viewed from when users first switch on their screens. Key data is always available at a glance, simply by pressing the ‘Home’ button.

The new home screen can display images representing any aspect of the company’s operations, giving users complete control over what they see first when opening AdminBase. Combined with recent updates to the AdminBase dashboard that are centred around the progress of leads and contracts in the sales or installation process, the new screen style allows instant assessment by users of the performance of key parts of their business, updated immediately as the data is entered onto the system.

With information and layouts that can be tailored by individual companies and users, the new home screen allows key performance indicators (KPIs) to be displayed in formats such as graphs and pie charts, to provide easy, glimpsable comparisons with weekly, monthly, or yearly stats. “Our new, customisable home screen will allow users to access the most important information for their business in real time, simply by pressing the ‘Home’ button,” explained Rhonda Ridge, managing director of Ab Initio Systems, the company behind AdminBase, and the creator of the system.

She added: “Users can add whatever they wish to the screen, and prioritise the information that is most important to them, providing an immediate view of sales and installation data for example, updated in real time.” The new AdminBase home screen is available as a free upgrade to existing AdminBase Web users, and will be included as standard on all new installations.