Print v digital

In the growing digital age, the need for print is rapidly in decline.

When, at one time, an integrated marketing campaign would be a mixture of glossy brochures, leaflets and advertisements, nowadays – in-line with customers – the selling platform has moved online. That’s according to digital specialist, The Consultancy, which has worked in the window and door industry for more than ten years and specialises in online solutions specifically for the sector.

But is print really a thing of the past, or does it still hold a place in the ever-developing digital age?

Richie Thornton, director of The Consultancy, said:

“When working with our clients we always use the analogy of £1,000.

“If you had this disposable amount of money to market your business, where would you spend it?

“Would you spend it on limited brochures and leaflets to send out to potential clients, or would you create an integrated online marketing campaign, refreshing your website and designing a trackable e-mailer to be sent out and monitored?

“With the UK consumer spending £44bn online last year, we think the answer is pretty obvious.

“Printed material has so many downfalls. On top of environmental issues, there’s also the case of maintaining the users interest and how many people really keep brochures on file.

“They often end up in the bin!”

But although the window and door industry is slowly beginning to embrace the digital age, The Consultancy is keen to stress that print materials can still be of use.

Richie added:

“One thing we’ve worked on over the past few years, is bridging the gap between print and digital and a way to do this is by using augmented reality.

“This involves the use of a print trigger, whether it’s your company logo, a photograph or a word.

“Through accessing your device’s camera on an app and hovering it over the trigger image this can add a third dimension to your advertising in the form of a video or hidden message.

“This is a media which is newly evolving and worth keeping in mind for any print marketing.”

The Consultancy is currently running a ‘Death of the Fax’ campaign, focusing on the move from print to digital and encouraging companies in the industry to seek the benefits of the online world.

If you’re interested in how digital will revolutionise your company, contact The Consultancy at or call (01429) 239 689.

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