The new way to beat paperwork

powered nowDoes admin give you a headache and steal your free time? Try the Powered Now business administration app for iPads and iPhones. It takes the pain out of paperwork for glaziers and other trade professionals who are often at customers’ premises and working from vans rather than offices.

,The app covers all aspects of the job. It lets you:
,• Take notes and photos of a job
,• Email estimates that the customer can accept with one click
,• Manage your worksheets
,• Invoice and take payment (by card/PayPal)

,All information is held securely and automatically backs up to the cloud whenever there is a wi-fi connection, so even if you damage or lose your device, just download everything to the replacement, or access it via a browser.

,Powered Now lets you spend more time making money and gives you your life back.

,0800 011 9036

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