Tweeting to success

glazedaleNottingham based home improvement specialist, Glazedale, says it is bringing a ‘much-needed fresh approach’ to an industry that’s been fighting against the ‘persistent double glazing salesman’ stigma for far too long, with the help of social media.

According to owner and MD, Darren Shelbourn, who runs the operation with his wife, Claudia, the company uses Liniar profiles for its mainly bespoke, high-end installations “due to their energy efficient and fabricator-friendly design”.

Darren continued: “We find many homeowners and self-builders want something a bit different to the norm, and we’re able to supply that with everything fully matching and a systems company that is constantly designing new products.”

Glazedale believes it is one of the few window fabricators that has ‘really embraced’ social media as a marketing channel.

Darren, who first joined Twitter around four years ago, said: “When I first joined Twitter, I knew I needed to spend time building up my followers, so I started following lots of people and tweeting interesting stuff, which gradually started to pay off. We now have over 3,500 followers, so I don’t need to spend as much time tweeting, although I still try to post at least three times most days.

“I don’t use Twitter to ‘sell’ online, as people don’t want that. Instead, I try to engage with people, show the human side of the business and help them by answering queries wherever possible.

“Since then, we’ve built up our Facebook page, which now has almost 800 ‘fans’ – we find that’s a great way to showcase our installation images and demonstrate the quality of our work.

“We find it makes us stand out, as not many of our competitors are ‘doing’ social media – or certainly not very well – and it definitely helps to erase the image people used to have of the pushy double glazing salesman.

,”As well as raising the profile of Glazedale in the local area, social media has actually generated orders, with add-on work where we’ve subsequently been recommended to neighbours and also gone back for repeat business.”

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