A cost effective route to compliance

trent valleyNottinghamshire based installer and Network Veka member, Trent Valley Window & Door Company, joined the Assure competent person scheme last year, and as group managing director, Gary McCartan explains, has found that Assure offers many benefits above and beyond other similar schemes.

“While we were somewhat reluctant to join Assure at first, we have found the specific benefits it offers both us and our customers are hard to beat.

,“As installers, Assure offers us training that we wouldn’t get with other schemes. 26 of our surveyors and fitters recently completed the MTC (minimum technical competencies) training as part of our Assure membership, and everyone agreed that the training was straightforward, easy to understand, and the one day course made the whole process a lot smoother.”

Gary added: “We’ve definitely found Assure [membership] to be a cost effective route to compliance.”

Assure’s technical and compliance manager, Austin Greene, commented: “More than 80% of Assure certified companies have put their surveyors and installers through the MTC process, and are well placed for when the Building Regulations change in June 2014. After that date, installers of a competent person scheme will fail audits if they cannot prove their surveyors and installers have MTCs or equivalent.”

Assure is a UKAS accredited competent person scheme, licensed by the DCLG and the Welsh Assembly to enable installers to self certify their work against the Building Regulations.


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