Approved for IBGs

homeproHomePro, and its approved representative, IPWFI have both made FENSA’s list of approved providers of insurance backed guarantees (IBGs). The list has been published before the 6 June deadline, by which installers are compelled to provide, rather than simply offer, an IBG to every customer.

,In a statement, FENSA reminds members not only of their new responsibility to provide IBGs without which they will not be issued with Building Regulations Compliance certificates, but also that they must use one of the providers on the organisation’s approved list, as others may not comply with the criteria required under the new regulations. Installers choosing HomePro or IPWFI IBGs will be issued with certificates without delay.

,“We are delighted that FENSA has cleared the air and removed any doubts about the new regulations and where installers stand with regard to this key element of the criteria under the changes to the competent persons schemes rules,” said Sean O’Keeffe, chairman of the HomePro Group.

,“This will allow all installers, including FENSA members, to fulfil this aspect of the new regulations without further reference, knowing that purchasing a HomePro or IPWFI IBG will completely fulfil all requirements to fully protect their customers and themselves.”

,Further details of the changes in legislation can be found on or customers can contact the HomePro IBG Helpline on 08707 344 344

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