IBG changes welcomed

ibgsGGFi has welcomed the regulatory changes that will ensure the provision of an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) on all domestic glazing installations from 6 June, 2014.

The glazing insurance specialist of the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) believes this approach offers ‘advanced consumer protection within an industry that is still vulnerable to the threat of the cowboy builder’.

GGFi general manager, Lee Appleton, who sees mandatory provision of IBGs as another way for ‘hard-working, honourable’ installers to distinguish themselves from ‘lower quality’ tradesmen, said: “In times of financial instability, purchases such as double glazing or conservatories are tough decisions for homeowners and they want reassurance that their home is protected for the duration of the guarantee ¬– even if their installer ceases trading.

“By providing an IBG to cover each installation, GGFi members offer their customers peace-of-mind whatever happens.

“A guarantee without an IBG will not offer the consumer the type of robust protection they have learned to expect; however inclusion of an IBG favours installers operating within the regulations.”

Last month, following a telephone survey by IBG provider, HomePro, it emerged that as many as 80% of window installers may be unaware of the impending changes to the regulations, which will prevent installations being registered unless an Insurance Backed Guarantee is given to homeowners.

From June 6 this year, the provision of financial protection is mandatory as part of the self assessment certification procedures required for all residential replacement window installations; failure to provide evidence of cover will result in installers being unable to register their installations and therefore failing to comply with Building Regulations.

Jim Keane, HomePro’s compliance manager, said: “From June 6th, installers must give an IBG rather than simply offer one to their domestic customers and will be unable to register installations under the self-assessment schemes for Building Regulation compliance if they do not do so.

“HomePro IBGs are one of the most popular and are widely accepted by FENSA and CERTASS. The purchase and registration of a HomePro IBG is quick and simple for installers to ensure compliance and reassures their customers through the quality and security of the cover.”

Details of HomePro IBGs are available by calling 08707 384858 or visiting www.HomePro.com

For further information on GGFi IBGs, or the changing regulations call 0870 850 8281 or visit www.ggfi.co.uk

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