An accident waiting to happen?

Bi-folding door deliveries are an accident waiting to happen! Transporting often large doors to site, whether to a customer’s depot or to a customers site or home, is thwart with danger. Enabling safer loading of vehicles in the factory environment and, more crucially, making it safer at the delivery point has always been a worry to us, so improving safety has always been a big priority.

With the growing numbers of bi-folds we are selling, 3-500 a week, we needed a new fleet of delivery vehicles to keep up with demand, particularly with the new Korniche bi-folding door hitting the market in the next few months. So, investing over £500k in ten new vehicles, we took the opportunity to challenge our engineering dept to come up with a safer way to deliver bi-folds.

They took on the challenge and have done a really great job with some out-of-the-box thinking and months of work. We have greatly improved the safety of the delivery process.

Yes, we are going to market this heavily as the benefit of a safer way of delivering an often big, heavy and cumbersome door with peace of mind should deliver us more customers. But we think this goes further as this is safety. All companies in our industry should embrace people’s lives. Serious injury has a price. There is a heavy price tag to upgrading vehicles but it’s a price tag worth paying.

Richard Gaunt
Made for Trade