Investment with Flair

Flair Plastic Products recently invested in an additional Stuga ZX4 – MK2 cutting and machining centre to further increase capacity at the Kömmerling fabricator.

In the last few years Flair has grown significantly and this latest investment is all part of a longer-term strategic plan, with Kömmerling chosen as its preferred long-term profile partner. Flair not only manufactures the renowned C70 and O70 Gold systems, but also its PremiLine patio door and lift and slide PremiDoor.

The new Stuga ZX4-Mk2 cutting and machining centre at Flair can produce all required saw cuts and preps, profile by profile and operation by operation. Preps can be placed anywhere within 360º and this is controlled by the software, while the graphic interface makes adjustment of the position accurate and simple. The new cutting and machining centre measures each length of profile and instantly re-optimises the batch if random offcuts are added, meaning that offcuts are always tightly controlled. For Flair, this means that they can operate more efficiently and across a large number of profile variations and colours.

According to Flair, carrying a wide range of foiled options in stock has proven to be a real catalyst for its sales success. In addition to the latest Chartwell green and Irish oak options, it can also offer products in golden oak, rosewood, cream, white foil, grey and black in all of the Kömmerling systems.

Adrian Keegan, sales manager of Flair Plastic Products commented:

“This latest investment will help us boost our production capabilities and makes us more operationally efficient. Our enhanced installer package and impressive showroom is really helping us to stand out in the marketplace and we’ve bold expectations for the year ahead.”

Installers looking to switch to Flair are promised first class products, excellent customer service and a free showroom support package. For further information contact Flair on 0121 624 5001 or e-mail

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