Kombimatec stay sharp with new bead saw

Continuing to provide the best in machinery for fabricating PVC and aluminium windows and doors, Kombimatec Machines has now added the GLS190 upstroke bead saw to its quality range.

With a fully adjustable bead nesting support system as standard, the saw is designed for aluminium profiles and comes with a 350mm sawblade and rotating bed that rotates from +80 to -80 degrees. Pre-set stops are placed at +45, 0 and -45 degrees for quick positioning, and for intermediate angles the bed can be secured via a stop.

The bead nesting system includes a set of support blocks which are adjustable to accommodate the bead being processed as well as a pair of wide clamp pads to spread the clamp pressure from above. The table can be freely rotated to the required angles without having to reposition the clamps or nesting support system.

With safety a priority for Kombimatec, the saw’s interlocking safety guard has been designed to allow the bead material to load and unload from the sides and the wide Perspex viewing window allows the operator to see the clamping area with ease. The two-hand safety start and two stage clamping further protects the operator during use.

Prestige Windows of Dudley has taken delivery of a GLS190. The company’s production manager, John Silva, said. “We were originally going to look for a refurbished machine. However, after looking online and finding Kombimatec’s new machines at such a good price, it was hard not to give them a call.

“When we purchased the machine, Kombimatec sent an engineer out to install it, which was much appreciated, and since being in use, the performance has been very good.”

All of Kombimatec’s bead and single mitre saws can be supplied with various measuring length stops, digital displays and automatic positioning with or without WIFI/RF enabled measuring wands. These are available in 3m and 4m versions.


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