The perfect fit

Emmegi machine

Emmegi machine Specification, performance and price are said to be some of the most common criteria for aluminium fabricators looking to buy new machinery, but when Hampshire based trade specialist, Quick Glaze, approached Emmegi (UK) to help select a new machine that would increase output of its multi-fold doors, size was reportedly the company’s top priority.

Quick Glaze’s premises in Bordon is described as ‘small but perfectly formed’ and the company wanted a machine which would fit into the space available, while at the same time, delivering ‘worthwhile improvements’ in capacity.

Emmegi’s sales manager, Andrew Jones, recommended Emmegi’s Nanomatic semi-automatic copy router, with two controlled axes, which is said to have fitted Quick Glaze’s requirements ‘perfectly’ in terms of dimensions and capability.

Martyn Quick, managing director of Quick Glaze, saw the machine in action via the videos on Emmegi’s website and was able to order a machine from stock at Emmegi’s UK headquarters in Coventry.

He said: “The whole buying process was simple and fuss free – the machine was the perfect size for our needs and now that it is up and running, it is proving even better than we expected.

“It has already helped us to double production of our Smarts multi-fold doors and has proved really versatile, more than meeting our machining requirements. Crucially, we now have the capacity to expand even further from our existing premises.”

The Nanomatic 384S machine can be connected to a PC via a USB connection and Emmegi’s intuitive software is reportedly easy to use. As a result, Quick Glaze is already reporting improvements in overall quality and consistent accuracy.

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