Leicester three

stugaLeicester based fabricator, Secure Trade Frames, recently purchased a Stuga Ecoline stand-alone prepping centre and was reportedly so impressed with it, that the company immediately ordered an Autocut automatic saw centre.

These two machines working together are said to offer a ‘good compromise’ to a fully automated sawing and machining center, which the company reportedly ‘couldn’t justify’ at this stage, but Stuga has agreed that when the company is ready, in about 12 months’ time, it will take both machines back as a part-exchange when a new automated line is ordered.

On the other side of Leicester, Frame Maker recently made the decision to purchase a new AutoFlow-2 sawing and machining centre. The AutoFlow-2 is the smallest machine in terms of size and output that Stuga produce, but with a capacity of 400 windows per week it was big enough for the needs of the company. Frame Maker is now getting used to the automation process and logistics involved and according to Stuga, ‘can make many more windows than previously with accuracy and consistency’ allowing the company to grow its business without growing its production staff.

In the centre of Leicester, Echo Plastic Wood has opted for Stuga automation for its plastic wood kits that are used to erect doors, garden furniture, fencing and more from recycled materials. Owner, Sean Presson, is said to have ‘had a vision’ that the Stuga AutoFlow-2 sawing and machining centre could be used to produce his product range in volume and Stuga’s joint owner and technical director, Gareth Green, was keen to help with the development on the software front.

After a development programme where the two companies have had to work together to develop special tooling, blades, cutters, speeds and feeds to deal with the various different recycled plastics, Sean and his team are enjoying the benefits of automation across his range of products, meaning he is now confident to grow his business.

For further information on all Stuga products call 01493 742348 or visit www.stuga.co.uk

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