Vista Partitions endorses Kombimatec’s AMC308 CNC

Kombimatec’s AMC308 3-axis CNC machining centre has worked wonders for the Vista Partitions, the firm’s representative has reported, improving accuracy and increasing productivity. Vista Partitions is a manufacturer and supplier of glazed office partitioning and acoustic single- and double-glazed doors.

Vista Partitions supplies products to the UK, UAE and Egypt. The business was established in 2019, and offers demountable partitions that are designed to meet the needs of today’s modern workplace environments.

Leaders of the business identified that they needed more accurate machinery – and it soon became a necessity. With years of industry knowledge behind them, the Vista Partitions team was familiar with the machines that Kombimatec could offer, having supplied them to businesses worldwide since they opened their doors back in 1984.

Vista’s leaders were keen to purchase a compact machine, explained director Lynette Willard, and the AMC308 3-axis CNC machining centre was perfect for working their aluminium profiles, adding cut-outs and threaded holes for hinges, locks and handles. By using the AMC308 3-axis CNC machining centre, manufacturing process were significantly improved, Lynette continued: “It became much smoother and more accurate,” she said, resulting in customer satisfaction from the firm’s client base.

The machine was developed by Kombimatec for both aluminium and PVC-U profiles, and is marketed as providing extremely high levels of accuracy and reliability. Vista’s machine was configured with a 5HP electro spindle and ER32 collets with speed adjustment from 0 to 18,000 rpm, to easily work extruded aluminium and light steel profiles. The machine’s bed rotates 180°, allowing the tool head to work on three sides of the profile, as well as intermediate angles when necessary.

Another benefit, explained Kombimatec’s director, David Parsons, is the quick-change tool system and tool cabinet. These allow tools to be pre-loaded and switched by the CNC as required, making cycle times quick and efficient, and freeing up operators to attend to other tasks.

For further information or to arrange a product demonstration, contact the Kombimatec Machines team by calling 01582 562 218 or emailing Read more about the company on the official Kombimatec website.

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