1,000 solar panels installed at Ultraframe HQ

1,000 solar panels were installed at the headquarters of Ultraframe, the manufacturer of roof and conservatory systems, in Clitheroe, Lancashire, by a team from Envo Energy Solutions, Cheshire. Leaders of the company hope that the large roofs on the 585,000ft² site will enable the business to be fully self-sufficient during peak generation times, in line with a commitment to ISO 14001.

“Minimising our impact on the environment is a huge part of everything with do here at Ultraframe,” explained Andy Crowe, Ultraframe’s operations director. “Many of our systems, such as ‘hup!’, use manufacturing processes that eliminate or minimise waste.

“The installation of the solar panels ties in perfectly with our commitment to the ISO 14001 framework, whereby every business has a moral responsibility to ensure that it is doing everything it can to positively influence change and its impact on the environment. During maximum generation periods, the solar panels will see us become completely self-sufficient in terms of our energy needs. During weekends, when we are not operational, we will be pushing all excess generated power back into the national grid for others to use.”

Danny Kennedy, Envo Energy Solutions’ CEO, said: “It’s a pleasure to be able to work with a company like Ultraframe, and to assist them in the midst of an energy crisis. As we all know, there are countless companies experiencing exceptionally difficult times due to the surging price of electricity. As ever, Ultraframe has proven to be prudent and practical in addressing these issues and as such, they will have a massively reduced energy bill.”

The energy generated by the panels will be used to fulfil energy requirements across Ultraframe’s Enterprise Works and Lincoln Way sites in Clitheroe, leaders have reported. These sites house much of the company’s manufacturing and warehousing.

“In addition to minimising our impact on the environment, the panels will also be a help to the business in keeping our costs as lean as possible while energy prices continue to soar, to ensure we can continue to offer the best value possible to our customers,” Andy added. Read more about the business at ultraframe-conservatories.co.uk.

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