10th anniversary brings ‘major expansion plans’

PVC-U and aluminium fabricator, Conservatory Outlet, has announced ‘major expansion plans’ on its 10th anniversary.

Directors at the company have launched a five-year plan to achieve 100% UK coverage, establishing a new exclusive retail partner in the remaining areas not currently supplied by the Conservatory Outlet network.

Managing director, Greg Kane, said: “We have invested heavily in our manufacturing infrastructure over the past couple of years in order to accommodate the growing demand from our clients, as well as to prepare for our expansion. National coverage has always been our target and, with our retail partners going strong, we feel it’s time to take the Conservatory Outlet network to the next level.”

The fabricator will look for suitable partners in Aberdeen, the Highlands, Essex, North and South Wales, the South West and Oxford.

Greg continued: “We’re ready to welcome both installation-only companies, as well as installers who fabricate, but wish to focus solely on retail activities in the future. Two of our established members have previously been involved in manufacturing, and we’re seeing an increased number of small fabricators focusing on retail alone, as it becomes more profitable for them to buy in.”

Once full UK coverage is achieved, Conservatory Outlet says it will focus on helping all its network members to become and remain the dominant window retail businesses in their respective areas.

For more information visit www.conservatoryoutletdealers.co.uk or call 01924 239813

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