87% of construction industry will vote

A study by rental solution provider, Hewden, has reportedly found that a record 1.8 million construction sector workers (87% of the construction industry) intend to vote in tomorrow’s General Election. However, despite the significant interest, more than half (53%) admit they are unclear on the different policies being proposed.
Jeff Schofield, Hewden’s marketing director, believes that with so many policies directly affecting the sector, there needs to be greater clarity around the direct impact of those policies, to help industry voters make an informed decision.
“Whether it’s new infrastructure projects, apprenticeship schemes or housing development programmes, these are all topics that will have a direct impact on the construction sector, so it’s important that they are communicated clearly,” said Schofield.
In response to the research findings, Hewden has launched an online resource called www.noteB4Uvote.co.uk to help industry workers from all levels get a clearer picture of what the key policies are and what it means for them.
“We want to ensure the industry can cut through the smoke and mirror tactics used by most politicians, digest the different policies and clearly understand them for what they are,” concluded Schofield.

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