A lifesaving investment

Following cardiac arrests from two members of staff at its Bury based premises, Lancashire Trade Frames is raising awareness of the importance of on-site automated external defibrillators (AED).

The company installed an AED after the first team member was successfully treated by a trained first-aider – equipment that was then used to help revive a second employee in May this year.

Mark Rowland, MD of Lancashire Trade Frames, said: “That first on-site emergency was a wake-up call. We had the first aiders, of course, but we could still have been better prepared. That’s why we acquired the AED and as this second incident shows, it’s a critical piece of kit.”

Mark added: “The decision to acquire an AED wasn’t solely to protect our workforce. Our premises are located on the fringe of a residential area, and we knew the device could be a vital resource for the local community. I urge other employers to get one and share the news of its availability.”