A Rapide solution

Yale has announced the introduction of Rapide into its window hardware portfolio. Formally known as Blade, Yale says the redeveloped window locking system offers the highest standard of strength and security for fabricators, installers and consumers.

According to Yale, the new Rapide has ‘fast to fit’ features, requires as little as six screws, and due to the long curvature of the lock, removes the need to line up the keeps as you would with a standard espagnolette lock.

Grant Stratford, technical director for Window Hardware, commented: “We have worked closely alongside our fabricator partners to produce a window lock that improves the fabrication and installation process, while maintaining the high standard of security Yale is known for. Following feedback, we redeveloped the keeps on Rapide to improve aesthetics and offer compression adjustment.”

The Rapide lock is said require fewer fixings than most industry standard window locks and offers greater engagement for additional security as it connects along the full length of the keep.

Grant continued: “Whilst developing this lock we carried out comprehensive time and motion studies, enabling our fabricator customers to clearly assess how much money they would be saving in the manufacturing process when using Yale Rapide. The reaction to the product has been extremely positive and we’re excited to showcase the new design to our customers.”

Made from aluminium, Yale claims that the Rapide has three times the locking surface area of a standard, multi-point or shoot-bolt window lock. The lock can reportedly withhold ‘huge weight’ and has been mechanically tested to withstand 4,500 newtons of force. In addition, Yale says it has been tested for corrosion resistance for 480 hours and exceeds 30,000 cycles.

Yale Rapide features a unique fully retractable lock, allowing it to sit flush within the Eurogroove. This is said to create a ‘modern, sleek and discreet’ aesthetic that has proved to be popular amongst homeowners in consumer research and in actual sales.

Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, Yale Rapide has also been independently tested to far exceed British security standard PAS24:2016 and is Secured by Design