Assent and JHAI approve Ultraframe’s ‘hup!’ system


Assent and JHAI have approved Ultraframe’s ‘hup!’ building system. Teams from both industry bodies have assessed the building system, offering assurance to builders and installers that ‘hup!’ is compliant’. Users of ‘hup!’ can choose to work with either industry body to carry out their building regulation approvals as an alternative to working with a local authority.

“It’s fantastic news for ‘hup!’ users that the system has been approved by both Assent and JHAI for hassle-free building regulations,” said Alex Hewitt, Ultraframe’s marketing director. “Both providers are highly experienced and handle thousands of building regulation applications each year, to make life easier for builders and installers.

“The ‘hup!’ system is all about ease – ease of ordering, ease of build and now ease of project management. Building regulation requirements differ by project type, and so, to offer transparency to ‘hup!’ builders, we have agreed procedures and fees with both Assent and JHAI for various types of ‘hup!’ build. The ‘hup!’ build types included under the approvals schemes with Assent and JHAI include replacement roofs, traditional extensions with any Ultraframe roof, ‘hup!’ conservatory transformations and entire ‘hup!’ extensions.

“This enables ‘hup!’ installers to understand the inspection requirements at various stages of different build types, and means that there will be a consistent approach across building inspectors, so builders know what to expect. It’s also helpful for ‘hup!’ builders to know fixed prices for each project type up front when they are quoting – especially conservatory transformations, which are priced cost effectively to keep costs low on these popular projects when the existing base is used. For example, building regulation approval when transforming a conservatory on an existing base into an extension can cost as little as £450.”

Ultraframe has agreed specific procedures and prices for ‘hup!’ when used for different types of builds, ensuring pricing reassurance and consistency for builders. For example, a replacement roof project will require one inspection, while a ‘hup!’ extension requires three, and be priced higher than the replacement roof project, Ultraframe’s representatives have said. Builders can reference the manual for each company to check on the number of inspections and the associated cost for the various types of ‘hup!’ build.

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