Brits let their homes fall apart

In advance of National Spring Cleaning Week (16 – 23 March 2015), Everest Home Improvements has launched new research highlighting that over a third of Brits have windows and driveways that are in disrepair, while one in five is ‘actively avoiding’ improving their kitchens and bathrooms. 50% of Brits have roofs that are falling apart.
Fear of high costs (40%) and disruption (25%) were the most common reasons for people not undertaking the necessary repair work.
According to Everest, these avoidances are hampering homeowners from increasing the value of their homes. A recent study by Zopa indicated that updating a home’s exterior can create a 75% return on investment.
Everest found that 18% of people would like to update their windows but have never got round to doing it, even though 62% felt that it would help to improve their home’s overall energy efficiency.
Jill McLintock, product manager at Everest, said:
“Spring is the time to start freshening up the home for a new year and as our research shows, people are putting off making key updates to their homes and they’re missing out on potentially high returns on investment because of it. Just updating the windows can boost the energy efficiency of a home to save money on bills, provide security but also with a myriad of new colours and ranges on the market, windows can vastly improve the exterior aesthetics of a home too. It’s a major investment but the gains reaped are more than just monetary.”

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