Chris Bailey, a former leader of Business Micros, has died

Business Micros

Chris Bailey, former sales and installations manager for Business Micros, has died, aged just 42. “It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of a much-loved colleague and well-known industry figure,” said a representative of the software group.

“Chris Bailey succumbed to his illness in the early hours of this morning (15 June). Many of you have been expressing your love and support for Chris, Ashley and their boys, Cole (15) and Jake (11), over the past few months. We can tell you that has meant so much to all of them and to his wider family.

“Chris was a valued colleague at Business Micros for many, many years and made a huge contribution to the business. His skill set in understanding operational and machining complexities and ability to add real value for customers was widely acknowledged.

“In his last few years, he extended that out into the marketplace working alongside customers and machinery suppliers both at home and abroad.

“We will miss him, we will miss his humour, we will miss his casual observations often funny, often accurate and above all we will miss him for the kind, supportive person he was. Rest in peace.”

Last month, after his retirement, Chris reflected on his career in this article, saying: “I’m really proud. I could walk into the likes of Lancashire Trade Frames, Keyframe or Fineline any time and be treated as one of their own.

“Being so young, and having faith put in me by Business Micros and our customers massively boosted my confidence. Looking back on my career, there have been so many highlights. But friendships, and the kindness and support that people have shown and continue to show me, stays with me. That’s what I treasure.”

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