Committed to future growth


RegaLeadIt’s been a busy 2015 so far for RegaLead, which reported record sales in both its decorative glass and paint businesses. Anticipating similar growth rates in the years ahead, the company has purchased a further 34,000ft2 of production, warehousing and office space in Manchester.

The facility on Sidcup Road, close to the Manchester head office, brings RegaLead’s operational capacity up to almost 100,000ft2 across the country.

Darren Baker, joint managing director at RegaLead, explained: “We first moved into the Sidcup Road site in 2010 after it became apparent that we needed to expand our Manchester operation. We started out with the rental of 4,000 square feet of space which we used as warehousing for the Signature range and have, over the last five years, increased this to 16,000, with the addition of a training facility, increased Signature warehousing and the development of our screen-printing business.

“We recently took the decision to acquire the property outright, as well as the other five units on the site. We currently occupy 50% of the available space and this additional 18,000 square feet of quality warehousing and manufacturing space brings our operational space close to 100,000 square feet, with our Manchester head office occupying 30,000, the 36,000 at Sidcup Road, 24,000 at our Decorative Door Products division in Hawick and the CadRam site in Kent covering 7,000. We are fully committed to the future growth of the business, and the purchase of the Sidcup Road site allows us to further expand and develop our already extensive range of products and services for our customers.”

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