First ‘A++’ rating for energy efficient windows launched


BRFC The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) has officially launched the applications process for what it says is the first ‘A++’ band in England & Wales for Window Energy Ratings (WERs).

There will be four months for window companies to develop new ‘A++’ product as the first licences will not be issued until 1 October 2015 – with the first ‘A++’ product being launched shortly afterwards.

BFRC follows the 10 point band cut offs illustrated in section 4.2 of Approved Document L1b. The new ‘A++’ rating will be no different, with ratings starting at an energy index value equal to or greater than +20. This means any BFRC ‘A+’ rated product which achieves 20 or more can be upgraded to an ‘A++’ for an administration and verification fee.

Alternatively, manufacturers can also apply for new ‘A++’ licences. All applications must be accompanied by a simulation report and can be made either directly to BFRC or through an independent agency.

These new ‘A++’ licences are available both as Simplified Energy Licences (SELs) and Detailed Energy Licences (DELs).

“The launch of the BFRC ‘A++’ ratings band – the first in the country – reinforces the message that BFRC is driving technological developments that give homeowners the latest and best in energy efficient windows,” commented BFRC managing director Chris Mayne. “And contrary to some ill-informed comment within the industry ’A++’ rated windows will not cause homes to overheat.”

For more information on ‘A++’ please contact BFRC on 020 7403 9200 or email