Customer increase

Manufacturer of flexible extrusions, Birmingham based ExtrudaSeal, which supplies aluminium fabricators in the UK with a wide range of quality gaskets, weather seals and pressure plates, has reported ‘a significant increase in the number of customers over the past twelve months’.

The company credits this growth to increased competition, which is urging aluminium fabricators to reduce costs by sourcing components from specialist suppliers, rather than as a ‘package deal’ from systems companies.

ExtrudaSeal’s managing director, Chris Byers, commented:

“The aluminium market is obviously on the rise, but so is competition amongst fabricators who are keen to take advantage of it. As they seek to become more competitive on prices, one obvious change is their components supply chain and, as a specialised extruder of gaskets and weather seals, our volumes allow us to offer them significant cost savings.

“Our products are delivered nationwide directly to the end user on super-fast lead times. We use the latest technology in manufacturing machinery for quality extrusions and a high level of flexibility, enabling a secure and consistent supply chain to our fabricator clients.”

Extrudaseal is part of the Euroseal group and a leading supplier of flexible extrusions for aluminium fabricators.

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