DHF launches new garage door guidance video

The Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) has launched an instructive video aimed at informing consumers about the importance of selecting a bona fide company such as a member of the DHF Garage Door Group for their garage door installation requirements.
Patricia Sowsbery-Stevens, DHF’s commercial director, said: “While price and availability may initially drive your decision-making process, safety should never be overlooked. A comprehensive garage door installation involves so much more than simply ‘fitting the product’, it’s about ensuring the safety and reliability of the entire system.”
DHF stated that the video explains the advantages of choosing one of its members for a garage door installation and examines the type of service a specialist garage door supply and installation company should provide to result in a safe and compliant product.
The video guides viewers through the purchasing process from the initial consideration stage all the way through to post-installation support, it noted. The company added that the video draws attention to DHF’s Warranty Plus promise that provides consumers with extra peace of mind.
This initiative builds upon DHF’s legacy of promoting garage door safety. Since the debut of its first domestic garage door safety video launched in January 2022 focusing on the complexities of the ‘hold-to-run’ feature, DHF has remained steadfast in its mission to educate both members and consumers on safety best practices.
Patricia added: “With DHF’s Garage Door Group being consumer-facing, we believe it is vital to raise awareness of the need to prioritise safety when installing such a product, as well as educating the consumer about the overall safety features of the domestic garage door.
“Through resources such as our technical helpline, additional training through webinars, site visits, industry group meetings and exclusive access to specialist literature, we equip our members with the knowledge and support needed to deliver superior service.  We urge our members to share this video on their own social platforms to help inform consumers as to why they should choose a DHF member.”
The video is available here.

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