Eurocell renews its Secured by Design membership

Eurocell has announced its ongoing collaboration with Secured by Design (SBD).

According to a company statement, Eurocell and SBD have established benchmarks for secure developments, encompassing everything from architectural layout and illumination to the incorporation of robust security features in new products like windows and doors.

These collaborative efforts have not only elevated the prominence of SBD-endorsed specifications, lauded by law enforcement for their manufacturing integrity, but also solidified Eurocell’s commitment to ensuring safety and security, it cited.

The primary objective is to proactively address crime prevention at the design stage, it noted, preemptively mitigating security risks rather than retroactively resolving issues down the line.

Ian Kernaghan, head of new products, design and development at Eurocell, said: “Our continuous affiliation and collaboration with SBD instils confidence in our window and door customers, assuring them of our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest security standards.

“The incorporation of Secured by Design features not only act as a formidable deterrent against potential intruders but also underscores our dedication to craftsmanship, ensuring longevity and peace of mind for homeowners and businesses alike.”

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