FENSA logo misuse

FENSA says it is strengthening its processes and committing more resources to identifying misuse of the FENSA name and logo and the resultant misleading of homeowners. This will lead to more naming and shaming of offenders and the eventual involvement of Trading Standards to which offending installers will be referred for prosecution.

A recent successful prosecution, with FENSA’s assistance, by Trading Standards in north London for FENSA logo misuse resulted in a total cost to the directors of over £7,000 in fines and costs.

FENSA states that it is illegal for window and door installers to claim they are FENSA certified when they are not and that displaying the FENSA logo and using the FENSA name in this way, misleads homeowners.

Where FENSA is made aware of such misuse it will act by referring the matter to local Trading Standards, which has the power to prosecute.

FENSA will be undertaking its own searches to identify misuse – but says it would also appreciate the help of the industry and consumers. FENSA can be notified directly of logo and name misuse (enquries@fensa.org.uk or tel: 020 7645 3700) or indirectly through www.cowboystoppers.co.uk – a website set up by FENSA exactly for this purpose.

“It is important for both our certified installers that play by the rules and the consumer that when a company states that it is with FENSA this is true,” commented FENSA managing director, Chris Mayne. “There are too many unscrupulous operators out there demeaning the FENSA name, undercutting bone fide FENSA installers and misleading homeowners. We all have to work together to stamp out these practices.”

“Misleading claims such as these outlined are regarded very seriously by bodies such as Trading Standards. An offence under the Regulations can attract a £5,000 fine if heard in magistrates’ court, or an unlimited fine and/or two years’ imprisonment if heard at crown court. Enforcement is by local authority trading standards officers.”

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