FENSA notifications ‘flatten off’

fensaNotifications of replacement windows and doors in domestic properties in the second quarter of 2014 are up just 0.54%* on the same period last year, according to FENSA.

,This represents a slowing down in the growth of installations figures. In comparison, the second quarter of 2013 saw an increase of 8.53% over 2012. April was up 3.7% on 2013, May was up 1.2% and June was down 3.3%.

,“We need to ask whether the installation market has currently peaked,” commented FENSA managing director, Chris Mayne. “A number of other indicators and some commentators have predicted a slowdown in the construction sector. Also, June could be an anomaly. June 6 saw the deadline for FENSA installers to Transition to Certified Installer and a number had their accounts frozen, meaning they were unable to advise us of installations.”

,89% of all window installations are covered by FENSA according to DCLG.

,* Calculated from the most up to date window and door installation figures notified to FENSA in April, May and June 2014

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