Fifth of UK without double glazing

everestJust under a fifth of British households do not have any double glazing on windows or doors, and just under a third (31%) have never had their windows and doors improved or updated.

That’s according to a recent study by Everest Home Improvements, which revealed that just under 40% of the UK spend up to £300 a month on energy bills, yet more than two million households don’t do anything to keep their home insulated.
Of those who have saved money on their energy bills through insulation measures, 29% note a positive impact on their lifestyle. However, many continue to avoid insulating their homes or make the appropriate improvements.
Everest’s research highlights that the over 45s and over 65s are putting their health at risk over the winter months, as they are the most likely to have never had their windows and doors improved or updated in more than 10 years. Consequently both these age groups admit that they are saving the least on energy and they are most likely to spend over £300 a month.

It was found that in the West Midlands, people are least likely to insulate their homes in the winter, while it is those in the North East who spend the most on their heating bills.
However, Brits might change their habits in 2015, with one in 10 saying they aim to save money on their heating this year, and three million stating that they aim to improve their home in some way.
Jill McLintock, product manager at Everest said: “With a predicted bitter winter ahead and energy bills rising, many of us will be starting to think about keeping warm in the home, however our research highlights that people are not taking the necessary steps to insulate their homes and drive down their bills. Investing in good quality double glazing can significantly reduce energy usage, whilst cutting out drafts with draft stripping can protect the home. Doors can warp over time, letting in unnecessary cold, so upgrade to a newer model. Avoid putting one’s health at risk in these cold months through solutions that are both simple and long-lasting.” Follow us on twitter @EverestHome and Facebook or call 0800 008 7140.

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