Glazing consultant recommends brand investment

Andrew Scott, industry consultant and Insight Data’s CEO

Glazing industry consultant Andrew Scott has urged businesses to invest in building their brand reputation, to help power the industry through a potentially tough year as demand slows. Andrew, managing director of the marketing agency Purplex, said: “It goes without saying but the industry boomed last year. Companies were inundated with requests and order books were fuller than they’ve been for years, despite the material and labour shortages.

“With lockdown restrictions in place for most of 2021, consumers were able to make even more savings, which they’ve been able to reinvest into their properties – making the home improvement market busier than ever. The industry has faced unprecedented times.

“Covid changed the way the market previously operated, and so the last 21 months have been an anomaly. But we’re finally starting to see activity stabilise and return to pre-pandemic levels.

“As things settle down and level off, it’s more important now than ever that companies invest in their marketing activity, to ensure they continue operating in the same way. Avoid the temptation to cut costs in the areas which matter most. Instead, work towards maintaining a strong brand and reputation to help carry your business through the tougher times.

“For those companies who have ambition and can push through the new challenges, there are huge opportunities ahead. From a Purplex point of view, we kicked off 2022 by unlocking the doors to our brand-new headquarters. As part of this latest investment, we’ve also strengthened our team by recruiting and training dozens of employees. This means we’re equipped and ready to support our customers as we move forward in this post-pandemic world where marketing and customer behaviour continues to rapidly change.”