Glazing Summit is an ‘ideal platform’ says Glazpart leader

Dean Bradley, Glazpart’s sales director

A leader of the glazing accessory supplier Glazpart described the Glazing Summit conference as “an ideal platform to share views and concerns on the changing regulations currently impacting and set to impact the glass and glazing industry”. The plastic glazing component supplier was a sponsor of this year’s conference for glazing industry professionals, which took place on 12 October 2023 at the Edgbaston Stadium, Birmingham.

Dean Bradley, Glazpart’s sales director, took part in this year’s summit, contributing to the conference’s first panel debate, titled ‘The regulatory minefield’. “It was great to take part in the panel discussion about the challenges that the industry faces,” said Dean.

“Once again, the summit was a fantastic event, and it was great to hear the attendance figures were the highest ever. We were pleased to share our views, concerns and knowledge in the panel debate, and enjoyed the multiple opportunities to network with key players in the industry. Overall, it proved to be an enjoyable and productive day for the Glazpart team.”

Sharing more about the subject of the panel debate he participated in, Dean added: “In 18 months, the Future Homes Standard will be implemented. With the interim changes made to building regulations last June likely to continue, the industry needs to be thinking well in advance of any further changes to regulations.”

Panellists who participated in the ‘regulatory minefield’ Glazing Summit debate highlighted the potential changes to window U-values. The panel’s consensus  was that the U-value for windows would shift from 1.6 w/m2 to 1.2 w/m2 for the replacement market and 0.8 w/m2 for new build.

“The industry needs to be ready for any changes and the challenges they will present,” added Dean. “Companies should be gearing up to comply from day one of the implementation.

“In June 2022, when Approved Document F was enacted as an interim change to building regulations, very few companies in the industry were in position to comply. Fortunately, Glazpart had stock of about one million items from out Link Vent range pre-prepared, to cope with the demand. Even now, only about 70% of the industry are compliant with the Approved Document F regulations.

“For Future Homes, the industry needs to be ready to embrace, engage and comply with any changes that will impact them. We must not wait until the last minute.”

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