New partnership for Fensa and Business Pilot

Business Pilot and Fensa have announced a new partnership that aims to better allow window companies to register their installations with the government-authorised scheme. From May 2022, Fensa-approved window installers that are also signed up to the Business Pilot CRM tool will be able to complete the Fensa registration without dedicating extra time, or resources to the procedure. Users can simply click a button as part of the completion process and all of the information will be sent.

Business Pilot is completely cloud-based, which means that several people from the same company can manage a project from multiple locations. The CRM tool follows a project from lead to completion, with complete oversight of all elements, including sales visits, surveys and installation. All information is logged in the same place, including accounts, relevant emails and technical drawings.

These benefits also offer cost savings, so Fensa-approved installers should see an immediate improvement to their bottom line because processes have been removed. Elton Boocock, managing director of Business Pilot, said: “If a window installation company is already using Business Pilot to manage their projects and resources, then all the information needed to complete the Fensa registration process has already been recorded by the system.”

Lis Clarke, Fensa’s operations director, said: “We are always looking to make like a little bit easier for our members. We know that some companies bulk input their data once a month, or they pass over the responsibility to someone else in the team. While we already have labour-saving processes in place, double-entry of data and delaying registration can lead to errors.”