New vans and IT for Cornwall Glass

Leaders of Cornwall Glass and Glazing have invested £500,000 in eight new transit vans, and a new IT platform across seven sites in the south west. The Ford Transit vans are fully kitted out with the latest racking and safety features.

“Ford Transit vans have served us well over the years,” said Paul Garrard, managing director of Cornwall Glass and Glazing. “We returned to Supertrucks for all of the internal and external racking, so we are confident that all glass is transported safely and efficiently. We’ve worked with Supertrucks for more than 22 years now. It is nice to have the confidence to order products we know will last the lifetime of the vehicles.

“There is an environmental benefit to using the latest frails and racks from Supertrucks,” Paul continued. “Glass is loaded in such a way that requires minimal packaging, which helps us to reduce our carbon footprint and send less to landfill.”

Cornwall Glass and Glazing’s new IT platform creates new efficiencies across all seven sites, linking orders, quotes and invoicing. This is the first step in a complete overhaul of the company’s internal processes.

“We worked very closely with Highway Software to develop this bespoke solution, and we are already reaping the benefits,” Paul said. “For example, all data is only entered once into the system, which reduces the chance of human error, and we have better oversight of all orders, so we can progress them quickly, and keep costs to a minimum.

“We have complete visibility of the whole operation, across all sites, no matter where we are based. This allows us to better coordinate resources that ultimately benefit our customers.”

This investment at Cornwall Glass and Glazing is part of a £20m investment that the Cornwall Group has committed to spending on new property, machinery, specialist fleet vehicles and equipment over the next two years. For more information about the business, visit the firm’s website.

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