One true pairing

Freefoam Building Products has launched a new video featuring long standing customer, Willmotts Plastic Building Products, to highlight the partnership they share and the success this has brought.

Filmed at Willmotts warehouse in Reading, and on a location at a local housing development, the video gives an insight in to how Willmotts operates and the support it receives from Freefoam. Interviews with the managing director, Scott Willmott, and George Petts, business development manager, illustrate how the 20-year relationship has benefited both companies, and is set to continue in the future.

Scott explained: “Working with a manufacturer like Freefoam is invaluable to us. We find them to be approachable, helpful and interested in us succeeding. The housebuilders we supply often include bespoke features on their designs and we need to be able to meet these demands. Freefoam have consistently been flexible and creative in supplying us with adapted and bespoke products – which has been one of the big advantages to our partnership.”