Paranoid Brits kept awake by home security fears

More than 12million people across the UK are losing sleep because they are worried about home security, according to new research from Swinton Insurance.   
In a study, 26% of Brits admitted they get up during the night at least once a week to double check their locks, while 35% said they had to carry out two rounds of security checks on all doors and windows before they could even consider going to bed.
The research reveals that the average person loses half a night’s sleep each week carrying out their nocturnal security checks, which equates to 26 nights a year.
And it’s not just paranoia that’s keeping many awake, as 38% confessed they do not trust their partner or other family members to lock up last thing at night.  
Brummies are the most paranoid about leaving their home unsecured, with 46% admitting they got up during the night at least once a week to check they had locked up. In contrast only 9% of people in Wrexham carried out the same checks.

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