Product quality comes out top in Bohle customer survey


Bohle Product quality is listed as the over-riding factor in purchasing decisions by Bohle customers, according to the findings of an independent survey.

The poll of more than 500 Bohle customers by research company Marketing Means, found that 93% of respondents cited product quality as their primary reason for choosing Bohle.

This was followed by speed of delivery and customer service, which were rated as ‘very important’ by two-thirds of those surveyed.

Product range was also listed by two-thirds of those polled as a key factor in determining their decision to buy from Bohle. The product knowledge of the Bohle team was cited by 62% of respondents as an important factor in their purchasing decision.

The perceived value of its product range was also listed as key sales driver by 62% of those surveyed.

Dave Broxton, managing director, Bohle, said: “We have invested in product innovation and the breadth and quality of our offer and it’s great that that’s being recognised.

“But what’s clear from our customer survey, is that it’s the customer service and the people which underpin it, which remains an absolutely fundamental factor in why people choose to buy from us.

“The logistics team, the guys in the warehouse, our customer service reps – they all do an absolutely fantastic job and are committed to delivering the very best to our customers – and that makes a very real difference to the service that we deliver.”

Bohle launched a new edition of the company’s Glass and Glazier catalogue earlier this year. Subdivided into sections on Glass Cutting and Breaking, Automatic Glass Cutting, Glass Processing Machinery, Grinding-Drilling-Sawing, Glass Handling, Glazing, Surface Protection, Glass Bonding and Glass Fixing, it’s designed to bring more than 3,500 products for glass processors to the finger-tips of its customers.

As part of the series of measures to make it easier to order, Bohle also launched its new 24/7 online ordering website, at the end of the summer. With more than 12,000 products available online, it allows Bohle’s customers to place orders around the clock.

Dave continued: “The survey shows that we’re doing a pretty good job but we can always be better. And that’s integral to our whole ethos as an organisation, we’re always challenging ourselves to push that little bit harder.

“For example, a lot of glass and glass processing companies buy from us but not everyone has visibility of just how wide our range is or how we can support them.

“But what’s clear is that we have strong foundations in place and we are committed to building upon those to deliver continually improving product range, product quality and service and support, to our customers.”

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