Profine UK reports strong sales

Profine UK has reported strong sales across all brands at the end of June. The company’s product portfolio now includes a suite of Kömmerling products, in addition to WarmCore, Evolve and Legend.

Brian McDonald, sales director of Profine UK, said: “There’s been considerable increased traffic on the internet for windows and doors as measured by the latest Google statistics, while social media engagements have increased notably across the industry as a trade platform, along with consumers too. With many jobs already in the pipeline it’s been a strong start to the sector, but we have to remain cautious.

“While we have had an exceptional start, we realise that there are other pressures within the industry including furlough strategies, the payment of bills on time and ultimately the movement of cash from the consumer up the supply chain. It’s paramount that we all work together for the greater good, but from our perspective, sales have accelerated strongly since we’ve re-opened with measures in place, which is great news for us and our trade partners.”

Profine says that its new facility in Huthwaite is already extruding profiles, laminating and carrying out other important business processes, whilst ‘detailed’ UK integration plans are put into place. For the Kömmerling brand, Profine highlights the benefit of a local extrusion facility and greater control of the product, whilst the newly acquired brands of WarmCore, Evolve and Legend will enjoy investment and ‘considerable expertise’ within the Profine Group as a whole.