Sapphire invests in automated Super Spacer technology


Sapphire Glass Merchants has invested in Edgetech’s automated Super Spacer application technology. The Hinckley-based company has used Super Spacer to provide insulated glass units to trade and retail customers around the region for over 15 years but by 2021, the benefits of embracing automation had become hard to ignore, as the business’ director explained.

Stefan O’Meara, director, said: “We’ve seen huge success with Super Spacer and the outstanding IGUs it’s allowed us to offer. However, we began to realise we were reaching the limit of what we could achieve with the spacer application process we’d been using. We knew automation made sense – it would allow us to do more, more quickly and efficiently, and to an even higher standard.”

Tony Palmer, head of sales at Edgetech, added: “By far, automation is the best long-term strategy for boosting productivity and improving quality in IGU production. Switching to a high-speed automated Super Spacer line can yield major savings, and increase output by 18%. We’re delighted that a manufacturer as respected and committed to quality as Sapphire Glass Merchants has seen the many benefits of automating its spacer application process, and decided to invest.”