The Retrofit Academy launches free retrofit training course

Retrofit Academy

The Retrofit Academy has launched a free online course, Retrofit 101, which has been designed to provide anyone wanting to learn about the fundamentals of what domestic retrofit involves and why it is important in driving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

The academy said it aims to bolster understanding of retrofit for fenestration professionals and work they may already be doing to improve energy efficiency in buildings.

As government policy and funding for decarbonising homes and buildings continues to grow, the workforce required to deliver high-quality retrofit at scale must be quickly developed to meet growing demand, it noted.

The organisation said it has launched the Retrofit 101 course to give people the chance to understand the process of retrofit, why domestic retrofit is needed, learn about what goes into retrofit advice and understand the retrofit career paths that are available for people.

A statement added that the new course joins a raft of leading accredited courses developed and delivered by The Retrofit Academy since 2016, equipping learners to take on PAS 2035 roles such as retrofit coordinator, assessor and advisor.

David Pierpoint, CEO and founder of The Retrofit Academy, said: “We have been developing and delivering accredited retrofit training courses since 2016 and have unlocked careers for thousands of individuals already. To create the workforce needed to decarbonise all homes in the UK, however, we must go further.

“With that in mind, we’ve developed our free introductory course with the aim of sharing our wealth of retrofit knowledge with as many people as possible, which we hope will make the world of retrofit even more attractive to a broader talent pool.

“Whether an individual is eager to unlock a new career in the built environment, or a company is looking to upskill its team in energy efficiency considerations, Retrofit 101 provides a fundamental starting point to launch into the sector.

“From here, there is the opportunity to take on more of the leading qualifications from The Retrofit Academy and take on the thousands of roles opening up to deliver large-scale, high quality retrofit across the UK.”

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