Veka reveals vision for 2025


With building regulations set to change again in 2025, leaders of Veka want to reassure customers that they are focused on preparing suitable solutions that will be effective across all market sectors, fabricator-friendly and meet all of the required legislation.

In 2025, the Future Homes Standard (FHS) is to become mandatory, with the ambition that new homes are to produce 75 to 80% less carbon emissions than those built under current regulations, according to Veka’s representatives. It is anticipated that the standard window in a new build will be required to have a U-value of 0.80 W/m2K, but this should be confirmed after a consultation that is due to take place later this spring.

“Many Veka and Halo casement systems can already meet this value,” Veka’s representative explained, adding that the team at Veka is working hard behind the scenes to understand the implications of various imminent consultations and to ensure that Veka offers a suitable solution. “For example, a consultation on Part Q is on the horizon, which potentially means that easily accessible windows and doors may be required to contain laminate glass, which will ultimately have an effect on the U-value of a finished product.”

“We need to fully understand what the consultations of this year will bring,” said Paul Kennington, Veka’s technical director. “With results due in the spring, our team will be working hard to find fabricator-friendly solutions to the new legislation. We will deliver this in a traditional 70mm frame, so that our customers can offer the same products to both the new build and replacement markets, and there will be no requirement for new machinery.”

Veka’s representative continued: “There are also practicalities to consider, it is true that the climate is getting warmer. The UK is experiencing hotter summers, which means that dark colours could be susceptible to thermal movement. Even the smallest change will make a difference to a U-value. More storms during winter months also mean that reinforcement is essential.”

“We are taking time to ensure that we get this right,” Paul continued. “Our aim is to minimise the impact of these changes for our customers by offering hassle-free solutions.”

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