World first

The world’s first Immune Resilient-rated office has been unveiled in Bucharest, Romania, occupied by the telecomunications company Ericsson. Entry and exit in an Immune building takes place using touchless access control technology. Self-cleaning technology is applied to highly used surfaces like doors, elevator buttons or vending machines in the cafeteria, making them safer to use.

The Immune Building Standard, developed by Liviu Tudor, president of the European Property Federation in Brussels, is an evidence-based, third-party-certified rating for the built environment, focusing on the ability to monitor, communicate and adjust the health of the indoor physical space in case of viral, bacteriological, or toxicological events. The standard incorporates a network of devices, technologies, specialised equipment, dedicated personnel and amenities, promoting operational and health rules focused on spaces where occupants and visitors interact.

The Healthy by Design System uses a series of sensors that measure the indoor environment parameters such as air, humidity, temperature or CO2 levels. Data on the building’s performance is collected in real time, empowering the building operator to verify and adjust the condition of the building to a healthy performance level, providing occupants with the space and confidence for a healthy experience when returning to the office.

“We are no longer in the business of building walls, but in the endeavour of building trust”, said Liviu. “Achieving the highest level, awarded with five stars of the Immune Building Standard, is the very expression of our commitment to transform the office into the best place for people to demonstrate their innovative spirit and creativity.”

Find out more about the Immune standard online, here.