Dutton becomes joint CEO of Brisant Secure

Nick Dutton becomes Joint CEO of Brisant Secure
Nick Dutton becomes joint CEO of Brisant Secure

Following the successful sale of Polyframe in July, Nick Dutton has become joint CEO of Brisant Secure with Steve Stewart.

Brisant is described as a ‘major player’ in the professional locksmiths’ market and the launch of Ultion, its flagship door cylinder, one year ago is said to have ‘transformed’ the door market.

Joint CEO, Steve Stewart, said: “It’s been an extraordinary transformation in a conservative market. Traditionally, the door market has been using very cheap and very insecure locks in their doors. Typically these cylinder door locks cost about as much as a pint of beer, so the idea of using more expensive cylinders that are several times more secure to sell doors was untried. Some thought the idea that a hard-nosed door market would switch, and switch so quickly, was pie in the sky.

“But just one year later, Ultion has moved from being an interesting niche product to a standard main-market quality cylinder. Many leading large and medium sized door companies are now using Ultion as standard, and many, many smaller firms too.”

Joint CEO, Nick Dutton, said: “The year since the launch of Ultion has been an uber-exciting ride. The door market is using Ultion to sell doors. Now my other commitments are over, I can devote all my time to Brisant’s objective of making doors easier to sell by giving homeowners the security they deserve.”