Four from Hurst Doors marks 20 years’ service

Staff of Hurst Doors (from left to right): Mark Atkinson, sales director; Howard Wilson, who works in production; Tom Brown, regional business manager; Philip Russell, Neil Briggs, Steve West and Kevin Wheatman, who all work in production

Four valued members of the Hurst Doors team are celebrating 20 years of service to the firm, and were awarded gifts for the achievement last month. Production team members Neil Briggs, Philip Russell and Mark Dixon, alongside regional business manager Tom Brown, all marked the two-decade milestone. In recognition of the achievement, Neil, Philip, Mark and Tom were rewarded with an extra week’s holiday, along with a commemorative tankard.

Long service is a common theme at Hurst: more than 50% of its workforce has been with the business for over 10 years, and more than 20% of the workforce has worked there for more 20 years or more. This loyalty, dedication and expertise is a key ingredient in the company’s success, according to Hurst Doors’ representatives.

Mark Atkinson, sales director for Hurst Doors, said: “Every December, we recognise long-serving staff members whose hard work and experience ensure that we continue to deliver quality products and service to our customers around the UK. When Neil, Philip, Mark and Tom first joined, Hurst Doors was still in its relative infancy at six years old. They’ve played a vital role in building it into the business it is today. On behalf of everyone at Hurst, I want to thank them for their dedication and service to the business and the team.”

Tom added: “Hurst is a fantastic place to work, and the hugely supportive team is a big part of that. Not only do our customers benefit from the experience and skill of some of the industry’s very best people but it also creates a thriving, productive and enjoyable workplace too.”

For more information about careers at Hurst, along with details about current vacancies, visit the company’s website,, or call 01482 790 790. Read more about Hurst Doors’ investment in staff, here.

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