Framexpress welcomes new recruits

Framexpress new

Leaders of Framexpress have hired two new staff members: Jonny Green as principal product manager and Alyson Westbrook as internal sales coordinator.

Jonny’s role is to aid the launch and management of the new product range, following the roll out of Fire Doors by Framexpress – a range of composite fire, smoke and security doorset solutions. Jonny has previously worked for the NHS in a software role, as well as with various stakeholders within the public sector.

He said: “It’s a really fruitful time at Framexpress, and it’s really exciting to be a part of helping elevate its success with the launch of our new range of fire doors. We are not only expanding our range of products for installers but we are continuing to deliver the highest-specification products that will help support the growth of our customers even more.”

Alyson added: “After a wide and varied career in various finance, manufacturing and construction waste management roles, I’m delighted to now be a part of the Framexpress team, utilising my expertise to help improve the sales journey for our customers.

“While Framexpress is leading the way with its growth and success, I’m looking forward to working with the sales team as we grow our ‘Better As Standard’ product range.”

The Framexpress team’s new 30-minute fire doorsets are compliant with the BM Trade Q Mark third party accreditation schemes for fire, smoke and security, fire tested to EN1634-1: 2014 and A1:2018. They have been tested to EN1634-3:2004 for fire resistance and smoke control and PAS 24: 2016 for security.

Framexpress has also expanded its operation with the acquisition of new premises and machinery. The newly acquired 15,000ft² facility in Telford, houses fire door production. For more information about the business, visit the trade fabricator’s website.

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