AdminBase: Expand CRM to boost profitability

Maintaining profitability in a challenging market is a big ask, but not an impossible one. An increasing number of installation businesses have been eliminating waste and improving productivity with the ever-expanding installer management system AdminBase.

The system boasts over 20 years in the market but is continuously improving. This year, the team has added several new upgrades including an extension to the My AdminBase Diary app and a new Taskboard feature.

As the system grows, new features seamlessly integrate with existing aspects to deliver improved productivity across the business. For example, the new Taskboard feature is an online job board where projects are broken down into tasks, assigned to individuals and given a deadline. And when day-to-day processes are so organised, the AdminBase customer portal becomes even more valuable, as homeowners can check in for a clear and concise update on their order.

The ‘My AdminBase Diary’ app extension has made it easy for managers to see the appointments assigned to their team members and share information more easily.

With a growing bank of features and benefits, AdminBase continues to help installation businesses become more productive and more profitable when it matters most. Read more about the system here.

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