Mechanically jointed frames

Aztec Windows says it has invested in new machinery to meet greater customer demand for mechanically jointed frames.

Using System10 and Rustique profile from Veka Group, Aztec already offers the mechanically jointed FlushSash within its Prestige Collection. Now, in its 31st year, the company is set to offer this finish option on standard casements, doors and more.

Director, Michael Hagan, explained: “We’re always keen to move with the market and ensure that we can provide whatever it is that our customers are looking for.

“We were proud to be the first Halo customer to fabricate the mechanically jointed FlushSash, and we’ve found that the majority of our customers love the ‘square corners’ on that system (which replicate the look of a traditional timber joint) but a flush casement doesn’t always suit the specification of their project.

“That’s why we’ve invested in new tooling and machinery to offer mechanical jointing on more of our products, expanding the Prestige Collection moving forward. The fabrication process in the factory is slightly more labour intensive, but we’re willing to make the investment in time and technology to ensure our customers get the perfect products for their requirements.”